Why may you need your personal boat?

As far as the carrying out of business activities is concerned, it is often seen that simply holding a meeting in the office is not going to be enough. There are several times when a client will need to be serviced in such a way that he or she will bend over to the manner in which you will want them to respond. After all, they may be an inspection from another company in order to evaluate whether it is profitable to enter into business with you. If you are able to influence them on a personal level, you can be rest assured that they will be speaking on your behalf so that a favorable understanding can be reached.

How to go about it?

A charter yacht is going to be the best possible option that you can have with regard to taking your professional engagements to the next level. The biggest advantage that you get by choosing a transportation system like this is there is going to be absolute privacy. Nobody will try to barge in on you or create any hassles.

Making prior bookings make sure everything remains perfect

Since you will be entertaining guests, it is essential that charter yacht reservations will have to be made in advance so that all the facilities that you’re looking for are going to be made available. If you do it at the last minute, the chances are that it may be difficult to procure all the food and beverages that you may like to be served.

Keep the group small to make the journey smooth and cozy

Since the amount of area on a boat like this is going to be extremely limited, make sure that you do not take too many people along with you. The crowd over there may actually end up ruining the entire experience rather than having a positive effect. Also, there is every possibility that the guest whom you will be hosting may want that the vacation be extended a little bit. In order to facilitate this, you will have to make sure that you are in communication with the people who own the boat so that they will be willing to accommodate your request.

Keep cash in hand

Also, be prepared to cough a little bit of extra dough if they are not likely to be thoroughly convinced by your request. The boat, once out at sea, will be the ideal getaway, for you, as well as the clients who will be accompanying you.

A bareboat vacation with your family or friends can be fun, provided you plan the nature of the boat, which will comply with your group, budget as well as holiday spots best.

Tips For Organising Team Building Events For Employees

If you are thinking or organising a corporate team building event this coming weekend, then there are a few things that you want to keep in mind to ensure its success. Team building and team playing is an important activity in corporate culture as it helps the business to run smoothly and prosper successfully. It might be hard to get everything together for the meeting, to make everyone turn up on a weekend, to find the right place and finally concentrating on the meeting. So, here are few tips to have a successful team building activity for your corporate employees.

Find the right place for the activity

You would find a great number of weekend getaway resorts or alike who conduct team building activities during the weekends. Also, make sure that your employees attend the activity and the ideal spot should be far enough from your business to let everyone feel they are away. Also, with team building activity, you can conduct corporate training courses Singapore for a short while and continue later. This can serve as the encouragement needed to make the employees feel motivated and determined for their work.

Make sure that your employees enjoy the activities and courses

You can have interesting and learning team building activities and corporate training courses organised at the venue and do away with the boring speeches and robotic movies. During such corporate activities, your team is going to be more apt to open up and express themselves. They have to feel comfortable with others around. The great ideas will flow if the atmosphere is right. This is a good sign of a successful corporate event. Know more about pdpa courses on this website.

You can seek ideas on the things from your employees

Inform your employees that you are interested in their opinions. This will make them more confident, creative and motivated in the work. By doing this, you are showing them their value. Often, a company loses good employees as they do not listen to them. So, make them feel you are interested in their opinion so that they realise that they are being heard. The corporate team building activity is a program about the team and everyone should participate.


To make the team building activity a success, it is important to take breaks often. It is hard for people to sit in one place for long periods. So, give them breaks.

Learn about your team in the event. The more you know the better corporate team building activity you can have.

Outsourcing Accounting Services

Bookkeeping and accounting transactions are required by law. It is one aspect of running a company that management cannot get away from. Yet, when it comes to outsourcing services, bookkeeping, payroll and other accounting transactions are the first ones to go. More and more companies opt to hire independent accountants or freelance bookkeeping firms to address their accounting services requirements.

Companies that have outsourced their accounting services observed that securing an accurate and timely financial information is economically viable that having and maintaining an in-house accounting department. Human resource related expenditures and operating expenditures are lowered. Recruitment and placement fees, training of new staff, and the purchase of accounting software and its subsequent upgrades are eliminated. Supply, equipment, and utility cost are significantly lowered. Financial fraud and tax fraud risks are minimized as well.

One circumstance that’s true to the point is the difference in the fidelity of and compliance to statutory requirements. In-house accountants risk the name of the company when preparing GST submissions and payroll services. Outsourced accounting firms risk the name of their own company when preparing the same documents. Negligence and imprudence of in-house accountants is a risk for the company; while violations to accounting laws committed by freelance bookkeeping firms absolves the company from direct liability.

However, choosing the right accounting firm to entrust your financial files can be a tedious process, but equally rewarding. Management needs to select which, if not all, of the company’s accounting transactions will be outsourced. Among the most common are accounts receivables, accounts payables, financial statement preparation, Goods & Services Tax or GST submission and payroll services Singapore.

Decide whether the services will be passed on to freelance bookkeepers, independent accounting firms within the locality or offshore online services. Seek out references and recommendations from colleagues, and make a short list of potential candidates. Contact each of those on the list and request price quotations for various services. Demand to check eligibility certificates and operating licenses from the candidates. Be sure that the certificates and licenses are still valid and is issued to the firm or the accountant. Demand the same requirements from online accounting services. Although the professional fees tend to be lower for offshore online service, the accountant handling your company may not have the necessary training or certificate required by your government. Finally, set up regular monitoring scheme with the firm whose services you will hire, parameters for error and submission deadlines should be made part in the agreement. The monitoring procedures may be less extensive than an in-house accounting department, but do not leave financial documents to chance. Trust the firm you hired but not to the point of complacency.

Once the company established a tailor-fit relationship with the firm and gets the accounting services handled by competent independent entity, management can concentrate on the more important aspect of the business, like expansion and increased sales.